Guatemala - Bonete Estate

Tastes Like: Cherry - Cocoa - Hazelnut

Varietal - Caturra & Pacas

Process - Fully Washed 

Altitude - 1400 masl 


Celeste Fumagalli owes her love for coffee to her late father José Adolfo Fumagalli Saravia. Both Celeste and her husband Roberto are dedicated and share their passion for coffee. The El Bonete Estate is located in the El Bonete Village (Moyuta) in the Jutiapa department of Guatemala at 1,400 altitudes. This Estate has a combination of the 2 varieties caturra and pacas. Caturra and pacas are a natural mutation of the bourbon variety, with caturra introduced to Guatemala in the 1940s. The process is fully washed with the fruit of the skin and pulp completely removed after harvesting and before drying.


Average dispatch on this roast is 1-3 days

MRRC - Guatemala