Stuck in lockdown?


Skip the grocery line and treat yourself to some coffee and chocolate, delivered to your door! Perth Coffee Exchange and Bahen & Co (Margaret River) have teamed up to bring you comfort at home.


A great way to lift your spirits in lockdown, or to show your friends and family you care from afar. Get some much needed caffeine to jazz up your long day of working from home, and feel satisfied that you're supporting local WA businesses during hard times. 


Simply choose between an espresso blend or filter/single origin blend of coffee beans. Each one is paired with an indulgent Bahen & Co chocolate bar.


Box Sizes: 

  • Small: 1x 75g chocolate bar and 1x 250g coffee beans
  • Medium: 2x 75g chocolate bar and 2x 250g coffee beans
  • Large: 3x 75g chocolate bar and 3x 250g coffee beans


Rest assured that Perth Coffee Exchange practices strict packing and handling protocols to ensure your package is hygeinic and in line with all pandemic measures.

Lockdown Essentials Tasting Box

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    Product images by Janine Harvey Photography