Want to try some Loaded coffees but don't know where to start?


Order a Tasting Box and let us take the guess work out of choosing which coffees to try.


Each box contains bags of:


  • Rwanda Nyarusiza Kawanziza -  A clean finished brew with a panela sugar sweetness with notes of green grape and apricots
  • Colombia Finca La Estrella (extended fermentation). A complex cup with notes of blood orange , almond and golden syrup sweetness.
  • Brazil Airuma (pulped natural). A clean, sweet cup with a creamy body and notes brown sugar, orange and plum.
  • Seasonal Blend (Brazil Marimbus & Colombia Macizo). A round cup with a coating body. Notes of chocolate, orange, grape and plum.


Simply choose from 1kg (4*250g), 2kg (4*500g) or 4kg (4*1kg)


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Loaded Tasting Box