Fiori Coffee is a family-owned, award winning coffee roastery based in the beautiful Swan Valley in WA. Ethically sourced and direct trade, these amazing blends are freshly roasted by a team of former cafe owners and baristas who have been in the coffee business for over 25 years. 


Try four of their fantastic coffee beans in this convenient and exclusive Tasting Box:


1. Fiori Blend (#4 in PCX's most popular blends of 2020)

  • Aromatic and complex, dark chocolate with a mild fruit spice.


2. The Holy Roller

  • Sweet toffee, baked stone fruit with a velvety body.


3. Nicaragua (Caturra varietal)

  • Cocoa, caramel, almond and orange. 


4. Colombia el Rojo (Red Bourbon varietal)

  • Butterscotch, chocolate, peach and poached pear. 

Fiori Coffee Tasting Box