Tastes Like: Blackcurrant, Nectarin, Dark Chocolate

Country: Honduras

Region: Mogola, Marcala

Process: Natural

Variety: Catuai

Elevation: 1500-1650masl


Natural process

» Picking of only red cherries, separated by sections of the farm
» A combination of mechanical de-mucilage and 12hrs final fermentation is done due the high volume of coffee harvested plus the heavy rains in the region during this season
» Drying happens slowly on “Guardiolas” or mechanical driers. The result is that drying happens at much lower temperature than usual. (40-50degrees for 60-70 hours)


Don Fabio Caballero is a well-known coffee producer in Honduras. 

He has also developed his own fertilizer which he applies to the small plants at the nursery and flowering plants at the farm. 

Don Fabio compares them to pregnant mums and newborn babies 

and believes these are the two stages when coffee plants need the most help to develop strong.

Don Fabio’s daughter, Marysabel, helps to manage some of his farms. 

They have entered their lots to competitions multiple times 

and in 2016 they won 1st place on Cup of Excellence with a record price of USD$120.50/lb.

Mogola was the first farm purchased back in 1970 which was the same year he got married. 

The farm looks like a botanic garden with many lines of trees to separate and protect lots from the wind. 

Flowers are also grown to attract butterflies and also work as landmarks for workers when picking different lots. 

It’s very humid and cold at the farm, which helps maintain water moisture
in the soil and allow plants to not stress because of hot weather. 

This also promotes slow maturation resulting in developing much complexity and intense flavours in his coffees.
Don Fabio is one of the few producers we know who uses Guardiolas to dry his coffee. 

As there is not much sunlight and humidity is high in the area during harvesting, 

he mechanically dries his coffee at a very low temperature (40 degrees) for 60-70 hrs. 

This technique is effective as the coffee is losing moisture at a consistent rate 

\and there is no risk of mould developing or any other issues related with poor drying. 

This has proven to extend shelf life on all of Don Fabio’s lots.


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Don Fabio Las Lomas - Honduras