Want to try new coffees but don't know where to start?


Order a Coffee Tasting Box and let us take the guess work out of choosing new coffees to try. Simply answer a few quick questions and we will customise a box to your preferences.


Experience a variety of new Perth coffee roasters with the choice of 4, 6, 8 or 12 * 250g bags of coffee in each box. (1kg = 4 bags, 1.5kg = 6 bags etc)


Onto your second tasting pack? No worries simply add in your unique box code at checkout and let us know which coffees you liked or disliked and any other comments.


We will then tailor your next box to your coffee tastes. 


Ignite your sense of adventure and who knows you may just find your next favourite coffee!




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    Product images by Janine Harvey Photography