Perth Coffee Exchange and Bahen & Co have teamed up to bring the worlds of artisan coffee and chocolate together giving you the ability to take 5 from your morning and savour the irresistible tastes of coffee and chocolate heaven.  


Each 75g chocolate bar is paired with a 250g bag of specialty coffee.  


Simply choose: 

Roast Type: Espresso Blend or Filter/Single Origin 

Box Size: Guilty Pleasure – The Connoisseur – Ultimate Indulgence 


Box Sizes: 

Guilty Pleasure: 1*75g Bars and 1*250g bags coffee 

The Connoisseur: 2*75g Bars and 2*250g bags coffee 

Ultimate Indulgence: 4*75g Bars and 4*250g bags coffee 



Enjoy the guilt free indulgence of combining your two guilty pleasures and to take yourself to a far away place.   

Coffee Chocolate Tasting Box