Taste Perth Coffee Exchange's most popular coffee roasts of 2020! You'll find each of the awesome coffees below:


# 1 – ‘Red Letter Blend’ by Beck & Call


Beck and Call Coffee's signature house blend, awarded a Bronze Medal for the espresso category at the 2018 Golden Bean. This sweet and full-bodied blend has a pleasant aftertaste, with rich notes of dark chocolate, caramel and cherry. Ideal for your daily espresso.


# 2 – ‘Espresso’ by Mano a Mano

Mano a Mano's best selling espresso blend changes in ingredients and sources on a seasonal basis, but every time they create a beautiful roast stays balanced, rich and clean. You'll taste wonderfully rich and syrupy flavours of caramel, cherry and chocolate.


# 3 – ‘People Everyday’ by Brother of Mine

Brother of Mine's flagship blend designed with the everyday coffee drinker in mind. In milk, it will leave you awith hints of caramel, peanuts and a distinctive Coco-Pops finish. When enjoyed black, you'll find notes of toffee, plum and dark chocolate.


# 4 – ‘Fiori Blend’ by Fiori

Fiori Coffee's most popular blend that rushes out the door every week. This roast has a complex and aromatic blend displaying dark chocolate and mild fruit spice notes.

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