Wake up and fill the air with the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.


The aeropress produces a full rich flavoured coffee without the bitterness. The micro filter ensures a grit free coffee and all in under 2 minutes. 


So simple.... So good..... So smooth.... So Aeropress


Each box contains Aeropress, microfilters, scoop, stirrer and funnel along with a varietyof local WA artisan coffee beans.


Simply choose your roast type and size:

Roast Type: Espresso or Small Batch Filter/Epresso

Size: Moderate Drinker - Coffee Socialite


Moderate Drinker: 2*250g bags 

Coffee Socialite: 4*250g bags


Enjoy smooth full flavoured coffee with the simplicity of a french press and the speed of a nespresso. 


Aeropress Gift Box