Tastes Like: Sugar cane, Granny Smith, Melon

Country: Colombia

Region: Timana, Huila

Process: Extended fermentation

Variety: Caturra

Elevation: 1800-1900masl


Grown in the Timana region of Huila in the southern part of Colombia. Rafael Amaya is famous for his wild fermentation, achieving great flavours and wild profiles. After years of trials, he standardised his fermentation by tasting the coffee at different stages. He pushes the fermentation process (anaerobic fermentation for 60 – 120 hours depending on the weather conditions) going to huge lengths to extend the time frame like moving the coffee with donkeys to cooler parts of the valley to slow down the process. Once fermentation is complete the parchment is washed and spread out to dry until it reaches the desired moisture content.

This Colombian lot has an extremely clean and fresh acidity for an extended fermentation process, showcasing the level of refinement in Rafael Amaya's processing methods.


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Rafael Amaya - Filter