Tastes Like: red plum, melon, caramel

geography: cirri sur, naranjo, costa rica
variety: villa sarchi
process: yellow honey
altitude: 1500 masl


La Perla Del Cafe Mill was established by Carlos Barrantes and his wife, Dayanna, in 2011, after the couple spent many years utilizing the mill works at Carlos’s brother’s famous Herbazú, just up the street.


 The family's obsession with quality and precision is obvious from the mill to the drying greenhouse to the bodega, where it seems not a single bean is out of place.

Visitors are often skeptical when they hear the mill is almost 10 years old, since it’s so clean it could have been set up just a few weeks ago. In the greenhouses, staff members wear special shoes while raking the parchment coffee, and the lots are separated into nearly perfect rectangles on the floor and on second-level drying shelves, with no space wasted.

Order by 2pm Monday for same week dispatch. 

Costa Rica - La Perla