Taste like: Blackcurrant, Dark Chocolate, Peach

Country: Honduras

Region: Siguatepeque, Montecillos

Process: Anaerobic washed

Variety: Parainema

Elevation: 1400-1550masl


» Red cherries picked, hand-sorted
» Placed in GrainPro bags and sealed airtight
» Placed in fermentation pillas submerged in water
» Removed from bags, dry-fermented then washed
» First 2 washes go into a tank and are stored for 2 days so mucilage sinks to the bottom
» Mucilage is pumped to the composting area with pulp, manure and other natural material to decompose and create fertiliser, adding calcium carbonate to manage PH
» The 3rd/4th washes sit in tanks for a few days so solids sink as well and the water is syphoned from the top and can be used for washing other coffees
» Washed beans are then moved to drying beds
» Moisture content reduced to 10%-12%


With the idea to provide his children with a better future, Nelson Ramirez wanted to invest purely on a farm which focuses on quality. 

This is why he decided to buy a coffee farm on the famous Santa Barbara Mountain, in the Montecillos region. 


This mountain has a reputation of its own for its very special micro-climate. 

High altitude, cold nights, volcanic soil and high humidity produced by the lake Yojoa right next to it provide exceptional growing conditions for coffee. 

Very often coffees from this mountain will show sparkly citrus, blackcurrant and very complex qualities.

Nelson enjoys cupping and pushes himself to understand what creates quality. 

It also helps him to work as a technician for IHCAFE (Honduran Institute of Coffee) this means he goes around to different farms teaching and helping producers to improve their crop. 

From nurturing the soil, to the picking and the washing process his attention to detail is remarkable. 


He started training Luis, the manager of his farm to learn how to cup and grade coffees too.

It was in collaboration with Luis that Nelson decided to enter his Pacas lot into Honduras Late Harvest Auction organised by Project Origin in 2016. 

Nelson’s coffee performed so marvellously that it ended up ranked 4th in the auction with a score of: 90.2 points. 


After receiving feedback from the judges and other producers, Nelson decided to make big changes for future crops. 


He built solar dryers and plans to ferment 100% of these washed lots. 

In the past he would only ferment 20% of the washed coffees and machine washed the rest. 


He’s also designing a whole tracking system to keep record of what happens to each lot from the date coffee gets picked until coffee gets finally roasted and cupped.


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Finca Androz - Honduras


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    Product images by Janine Harvey Photography