Top Trending Coffees in Perth 2021

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

A new coffee roaster pops up seemingly every day in Perth, so how do you keep up with the latest and greatest?

Perth Coffee Exchange is Perth's #1 online coffee bean marketplace showcasing Perth's best and upcoming coffee roasters.

With new partnerships and Roasters of the Month every month, we’ve got the data on the trending roasts of 2021 – and trust us these locally roasted coffee beans are the real deal.

Since 2018 we have grow into a community of over 2000 coffee lovers who share a common goal of enjoying great quality coffee, supporting local coffee roasters, and improving the experience we have with the coffee we love so dearly.

Our insights? Coffee bean blends, which combine two or more origins of beans, are clear crowd-pleasers this year with their complexity and consistency. Caramel and chocolate notes are preferred, but there are plenty of fruity and nutty elements throughout the list to keep you guessing.

Start your day with some feel good vibes, and some great tasting coffee with the top 4 roasts in our Trending 2021 Coffee Tasting Box (4x 250g bags), conveniently delivered to your door.

PCX’s Top 5 Trending Coffees of 2021

# 1 – PIQUE Coffee: Ramble On

Created by Jason and Claire Millar, PIQUE Coffee is as vibrant and beautiful as their packaging suggests (that’s Claire’s graphic design background for you!).

Their Ramble On Blend is an outstanding favourite. Brazil beans provide a steady bass of chocolate and caramel, while Ethiopian beans bring fruity notes of blueberry and cherry. A rich, harmonious blend that tops our charts!

# 2 – Rocketfuel: Supernova

Rocketfuel Coffee Roasters is a specialty micro roaster based in Nedlands, sourcing sustainable and fair-trade beans to bring you a delicious brew you can feel good about.

Blending beans from Colombia and Papua New Guinea, this punchy roast will sail your tastebuds through the galaxy with smooth caramel notes and juicy tropical fruits.

# 3 – Offshoot: Workhorse

Roasting out of the hustle and bustle of Hay St, Perth, head roaster Rummy Keshet has created a hard-working beauty in the popular Workhorse blend.

Coffee beans from Brazil and El Salvador are combined in a natural roasting process, which means the complex, funky goodness of fermentation sings through to give you a full-bodied experience. The rich, bold caramel and cacao notes are best enjoyed with milk.

# 4 – Margaret River Roasting Company: The Daily

Located in the beautiful region of WA’s South West, it’s no surprise that MRRC makes coffee so good it’s gives you the serenity of a good vacation.

This coffee is roasted dark and developed to be a perfect pairing with milk. It starts off with velvety rich salted caramel notes, dipping into hazelnut nuttiness, and ending on sophisticated dark chocolate goodness. The Daily is exactly that: your morning routine set for the rest of the year.

BONUS! #5Gesha Coffee: The Queen’s Crown

From their flagship café in Fremantle to their expanded roastery in Bibra Lake comes this exceptional coffee roast, The Queen’s Crown.

Gesha’s naming is perfectly apt. Regal in every way, this full-bodied blend gives us buttery toffee and cacao notes, and perfectly crowned with milk or sugar.

Note: this coffee narrowly missed out on being included in our Trending 2021 Box, but you can always bow down and order it individually!

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