3 Ways to Find Your Favourite Coffee

Are you in a coffee rut?

Looking to find your new favourite roast?

Drinking coffee is definitely a routine affair, but that doesn’t mean you should drink the same boring brew! How do you know you’re tasting the best beans when there are over 500 different coffee roasts across Perth alone, with new small batch coffees being made all the time?

Trust us, it’s time for a shake-up.

Here’s Perth Coffee Exchange’s top 3 ways you can find your new favourite, locally roasted WA coffee:

1. Make it a monthly affair: PCX Subscription

Want the most variety without the guesswork and admin?

A PCX subscription is your set-and-forget solution!

You could wake up to a delivery of up to 4 different bags of 250g coffee beans, at your door, every month. Decide between Featured coffees or Small Batch coffees (exclusive and seasonal only) and never run out of new brews with a convenient, curated selection. Plus, we include a new feature roaster every month so you’re bound to get only the freshest roasted coffee and awesome new products.

People love the variety, as we switch up our offerings for each delivery:

“Got a Tasting Box as a Father’s Day gift. Loved it so much we signed up to the subscription. 4 months in and we are loving the variety of great coffee that Perth has to offer.”

This also makes a great gift, particularly for that person in your life who has everything and loves the novelty of a surprise package.

So whether it’s for you or a loved one: get the gift that keeps on giving.

Voted: most convenient, great variety 2. Take a Tour of Perth: Coffee Tasting Box

Let the delicious roasts of Perth come to you with PCX’s most popular offering, the Coffee Tasting Box.

You’ve got the flexibility to decide how much and what type of coffee you want to try!

Here’s how it works: choose between 4, 6, 8 or 12 bags of coffee (250g per bag) and a combination of exciting, artisan roasted beans shows up at your door in a beautifully packed box. You’ll also get the flexibility to decide when you order your next kilo (or more) of beans, as you might drink more or less depending on your schedule.

With this much variety, it’s no wonder our customers are finding their favourites:

“My partner and I received 3 lots of the 4 bag tasting boxes. The Brother of Mine – People Everyday was our favourite. We love the fact we can select a kg of our fav whilst trying a couple of other 250g varieties!”

Know you like a certain roast? We invite all our customers to fill in your preferences in the notes section of your order – fruity, bold, chocolatey? Our expert team hand picks and curates an assortment of what we think you’ll love.

Not sure what you like yet? You’ll get a tasting notes quiz in each box to get you reflecting on your palette, then when you order your second box you can tell us what tantalised you the most!

We even have specific Coffee Tasting Boxes from loved locals, like Margaret River Roasting Co and Brother of Mine, and are updating new boxes all the time. We also have a dedicated Decaf Box so you can drink more without too much buzz!

Voted: most variety, most personalised

3. Peruse the Perth Coffee Shop

Looking for a specific brand or roast?

Maybe it’s something you’ve never tried before, or a small batch coffee that has a limited run.

If you enjoy the process of discovering new things and comparing and contrasting your options, get the most control over your selection by browsing our online PCX Coffee Shop.

We know you’re super busy so our online shop means you can find new brews from the comfort of your couch!

“With 2 kids at home I find it hard to search for new coffees to try. Thank you PCX for making it so easy!”

With new roasters on the scene all the time, we constantly update our coffee beans to give you the latest from WA roasters.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email info@perthcoffeeexchange.com.au and we’ll get back to you with one-on-one personal help and suggestions.

Voted: most control, great choice

So what are you waiting for?

Let your 2021 New Years Resolution be: New Year, New Coffee!

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