How coffee brews community and sustainability – PCE Roaster of the Month

Other than its much-appreciated caffeine hit, the true power of coffee is how it creates a community around a cup.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a coffee addict like us here at the Perth Coffee Exchange. And although we all enjoy the ritual of making a brew in the morning, more often than not we’re enjoying our brews with family, friends and colleagues.

We’re heading out to our favourite cafes as a way to connect, but we’re also adventurous drinkers with a thirst for supporting local and sustainable coffee practices.

That’s why each month, we have feature one of our local Perth coffee roasters and this month is no exception.

Our October Coffee Roaster of the Month

Brother of Mine Coffee Roasters was founded by Jos and Ben Whettingsteel in the lovely suburb of Baldivis, Perth, opening their doors in 2017. Having spent their careers in hospitality, and with Jos becoming a new dad in 2015, the opportunity arose for the two to create a new a story of their own.

“With coffee locked front and centre…it was a natural step for us to want to take ownership of the coffee we were going to be serving.”

“We work slightly differently to most other roasters in that we don’t have a head roaster. Both Jos & Ben can roast and we set about creating profiles for some killer blends that we believe suits the demand of a busy suburban cafe/restaurant.”

Brother of Mine Coffee Roasting understands that coffee brings people together, but they also understand that causes and culture do, too:

“We are a company of positive vibes and high fives and on a mission to positively impact the growth and sustainability of people and businesses within the hospitality industry.”

Sustainability – vote with your cup! Help cafés and farmers through the pandemic

Their ethos centres on seeing that local Perthian’s love supporting local businesses and sustainable coffee practices. Positivity is the word and ensuring our Perth coffee scene has integrity and remains buoyant throughout the tumultuous year that is 2020 is more important than ever.

We’re seeing coffee companies and cafés across the country struggle with the COVID-19 lockdown, with a