5 ways to break out of your boring coffee habits

Get up. Have shower. Get dressed.

Make coffee.

We all have a morning routine during the week, and yours might include elements of ours, like chasing after two young kids, and occasionally suffering the extreme pain of stepping on Lego…

The 'New Normal'

Coming to the end of the year makes us all reflective about the way our new ‘normal’ has shifted. What old habits did you break, and what new ones are you thinking about for 2021?

This year, people started drinking way more home brewed coffee than usual due to the global pandemic – in fact, Aussies in lockdown really went for it when cafes closed down!

You might be one of the households under 35 years old without children who really increased their dollars on coffee beans, or the 35+ years old with kids who actually needed that caffeine!

Regardless of who you are, here are 5 ideas on how to break out of your boring coffee habits and zest up your holiday season to round off the year!

1. Go on tour with a Perth Coffee Tasting Box!

Think about your favourite coffee beans. Now, think – how on earth did you end up buying that, week in, week out?

And how do you know you’re tasting the best beans when there are over 500 different coffee roasts across Perth alone, with new small batch coffees being made all the time?

Trust us, it’s time for a shake-up.

We can’t travel, but your tastebuds can by doing a coffee tour and you might just find your new favourite brew.

Want the most variety?

Grab a Coffee Tasting Box (choose between 4, 6, 8 or 12 coffee bags – we’ll choose the mix!) You can even leave a note at checkout letting us know which roasts you enjoy and which roasts you don’t. From there, we'll hand select the best suited coffees for you to try.

Or want to try different roasts from one local Perth artisan coffee roaster?

Try tour boxes from:

(Hint: this is such an easy, presentable Christmas present!)

2. Try a new way of brewing your coffee

Are you using the same old knackered French press that your Mum got you for your birthday 10 years ago? Maybe it’s time for a new way of doing things.

Different coffee roasting techniques yield totally different results, and it can be an incredibly engaging and fun activity to learn a new method of making a cuppa. Have you tried…

You could even make your usual brew and stick it in the fridge to make what we like to call a ‘cheat’s coldbrew’!

3. Controversially…go decaf (so you can drink more!)

Feeling jittery? Conflicted about your caffeine intake? Decaffeinated coffee gets a bad rap as being less delicious or satisfying, but we know this is simply not true.

Our local Perth roasters have spent years perfecting new decaf blends for the caffeine-sensitive, so you can keep drinking that glorious taste, without the shakes and headaches! Try:

It’s also a great gift idea for expecting mums or anyone with a health condition that may need to restrict their caffeine intake. Tantalising and thoughtful!

4. Play your own Coffee ‘Secret Santa’

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy and stick stubbornly to our guns when it comes to our coffee.

A simple and interactive way to get excited about your coffee this holiday season is a Coffee Secret Santa!

Here's how to play:

  1. Choose a bunch of trusted friends, family or colleagues

  2. Choose a name out of a (Santa) hat

  3. Buy a coffee roast you think that person will love

  4. Let them guess who their ‘Santa’ was based on the pick!

  5. Bonus: rate your coffee beans out of 5 and see how everyone scored – the top scorer’s Santa wins an extra prize!

Want to win the game? Buy a Small Batch coffee.

This is the perfect solution: attention to detail, experimental brews, and unique and often limited runs, this is a great way to get your ranking up!

5. Ask your local barista, coffee roaster, or us at Perth Coffee Exchange!

Skip the automatic ‘flat white’ order and be brave! Many cafes and baristas feature more than one roast, and can whip up a cornucopia of amazing coffee creations. Have you ever had a piccolo, a non-dairy milk, or a flavoured syrup?

Asking for a recommendation based on your likes and tastes can be one of the most satisfying ways of trying new flavours.

Who knows, your new routine might be asking for a different coffee every time!

Email us at inquiries@perthcoffeeexchange.com.au with what you like and we can suggest a whole range of new coffees for you to try!

We hope you’re keen as a coffee bean to shake things up this December and set your 2021 year up right with new perspectives and better mornings, delivered fresh.

- Perth Coffee Exchange

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