Coffee Growing Regions

Coffee beans are the second largest traded commodity with a global reach spanning continents. Yet the coffee plant is only able to grow under specific circumstances. Warm, but not dry, humid but not too rainy, and not at sea level.

Freshly picked coffee beans

That restricts the cultivation of the coffee plant to the so-called Coffee Belt, an area roughly covering the regions of the Earth between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. Only countries near the Equator are capable of offering the right environment for the coffee plant to grow with ease.

Let’s explore what those countries are and how coffee it’s cultivated.

Coffee growing regions in the Americas

A very large part of the Americas is near the Equator, has a tropical or subtropical climate, and is traversed by tall mountains that provide a perfect growing environment for the coffee plant.

From the southernmost parts of Mexico through all of Central America, coffee is grown at various altitudes in the regions where the mountains border with the jungle.