Coffee gift ideas for Christmas - order now to beat the delivery rush!

2020 – the year of the delivery!

This year seems like the longest and shortest year of all time, and we know what you're thinking: how it is already November?!

Thinking of Christmas gifts might seem a bit daunting after such an exhausting year, but that’s where convenience and ease of online shopping comes into play. With working from home, lockdowns and the overall impacts of COVID-19, the ability to bring a joy directly to your door – or that of a loved one - has become even more special and thoughtful.

You could even say 2020 has been the year of the postie, with online shopping exploding by around 70 per cent during the pandemic. In fact, a whopping average of 1.57 million parcels were delivered each day across Australia in August 2020!

"We've almost had 10 years put into one month," said Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate.

Here are Perth Coffee Exchange, we’ve likewise seen a huge surge of support from our awesome community during this time. It’s been humbling and special to be able to send packages to loved ones stuck in isolation, even across the country as we ship Aussie wide!

So don’t worry – Jon, Andy and the fantastic team at PCE are gearing up for your Christmas orders and are happy to help you decide on the best pressies.

Order your Christmas presents now!

So our word of advice – start ordering your jolly Chrissy gifts now to ensure you’re not hitting pesky delivery waiting times.

Australia Post Executive Manager of Business, Gary Starr suggests to Plan, and plan early.

“It’s weeks away to those Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in November that then leads into Christmas,” Starr said.

“We will be publishing Christmas cut-off dates in the next week - both to our retailers and merchants and clearly to the public...(the cut-off) will be late November to early December.”

Need some coffee present inspiration? PCE has you covered!

The All-Rounder

Mum, dad, siblings, or friends – this present is a total crowd pleaser. Our most popular gift is the Coffee Tasting Box and it’s easy to see why. With 4 different types of coffee from our roasters across Perth, take the guesswork out and give your loved one a fun pick ‘n’ mix of coffee for every 12 days of Christmas!

There are heaps of boxes and brands to try, check out the full list on our shop.

The Adventurer

Know someone who loves camping and fishing? With WA tourism in our own backyard set to boom, it’s the perfect time for a big trip as vendors across the state gear up for awesome experiences.

The traveller in your life needs an Aeropress – a light, durable and perfectly pack-up-able coffee brewer. Pair it up with some beans (why not try our November Roaster of the Month, Precision Coffee Roasters!), a beautiful Frank Green travel mug, and voila – the brew kit to last all roadtrips.

Check out all of our brewing gear.

The Connoisseur

Are you married to a coffee snob? Or maybe you have a friend who is a total wine connoisseur, able to pick up all the tasting notes in a sniff? Quench their need for complexity and variety with Small Batch coffee beans like from our partners at Offshoot Coffee or Timely Coffee (formerly Laika).

These are usually one-off or limited run special roasts that our artisan roasters create, often resulting in experimental and unique brews. Order a few or if you’re feeling generous, they’ll be forever obsessed with a monthly subscription.

That Person that Has Everything...

Are you feeling stuck and have no idea where to start? Don’t worry – we can help! Send us an email at and we can give your tailored info and advice on what Santa should get your friends and family this Christmas.

Of course, all of our deliveries come in a super presentable box, so don’t stress about wrapping paper – sit back, sip your brew, and click through to xmas!

Happy shopping!

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