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Coffee is fun and exciting, it offers us a variety of pleasant tastes and aromas to enjoy which is why many coffee lovers find regularly drinking the same coffee is a bit boring.


So as they say a change is as good as a holiday but where do you start?


Finding the best coffees, the ones that are right for you doesn't have to be complicated and time consuming.

Perth Coffee Exchange is Perth's #1 Online Coffee Bean Marketplace. We bring together Perth's best and upcoming coffees so that the coffee lovers of Australia can enjoy a variety of great coffees with ease. 


Our community of self-brew coffee lovers enjoy drinking great coffees, supporting local coffee roasters and experiencing the incredible variety and quality of coffees on offer.  

Below are 3 simple ways for you to have the fun coffee experience you deserve and if you have any questions we would love to here from you (details at bottom of the page)

#1 - Tasting Box

Are you are a Coffee Lover who is new to trying different coffees? Looking for  guided journey to discover your coffee tastes? Try a Coffee Tasting Box today!


It is a great place to start exploring and offers you a range of sizes and varieties to match your needs.


Simply tell us a little bit about your coffee preferences and then we will tailor your box with a variety of 250g bags of coffee hand picked from over 21 of Perth's best coffee roasters.

Our subscription boxes are for the truely adventurous Coffee Lover.


If you love surprises and some excitement, but have little free time in your busy day, then a click and forget coffee subscription box is for you.


Each month a box of up to 4 new coffees, from a new local roaster will turn up at your door. 


With a box that is fully customisable to your coffee needs, cancel anytime and free delivery sign up today and never run out of coffee again. 

#3 - Marketplace

For the coffee lover who wants ultimate control of their coffee experience our Coffee Bean Marketplace is your coffee mecca


Browse through over 75 coffee varieties from 21+ of Perth's best coffee roasters and wake up to great coffees everyday.


With new partner roasters and coffees are being added all the time there is no reason not to keep having fun. .

Coffee Hack

Found your absolute favourite?

If you have found a coffee that is a step above the rest then Be Like Emma and put your favourite brew to the test by continuing to experience new coffees alongside your bestie.

Emma is a true adventurer, a coffee champion!

Emma puts her must have brew - "People Everyday" by Brother of Mine - to the test every month by selecting 2 new brews to try alongside her fave. 

Example Order:

1kg - PPL Everyday

250g - Workhorse

250g - Supernova

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Coffee Stories

"I love the Coffee Tasting Boxes guys. With so many great coffees to try I struggle to choose.

My favourite so far is Offshoot - Workhorse. Thanks for including a bag of my favourite in each box"

Katie, Scarborough

Katie is currently drinking a range of coffee with the Coffee Tasting Box.