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With coffee offering us a variety of pleasant tastes and aromas to enjoy, regularly drinking the same coffee can get a bit boring and as they say a change is as good as a holiday. However finding the right coffees amongst the 500+ local coffees can be time consuming and somewhat frustrating.

Below are 3 curated ways to seamlessly explore the incredible variety and quality of local coffees whilst helping support and grow the Perth coffee scene.

#1 - Tasting Box

If you are a Coffee Lover who is new to trying different coffees and your looking to discover your individual coffee profile then a Coffee Tasting Box is a great place to start. Tell us a little bit about your coffee preferences and then let us tailor your box with a variety of 250g bags of coffee hand picked from over 20 of Perth's best coffee roasters.

For the adventurous Coffee Lover who never again wants to experience the Bad Day that accompanies waking up to no coffee!! You enjoy the pleasant surprise of receiving a variety of new coffees, from the Monthly Feature Roaster, and the idea of clicking once and forgetting sounds like a no brainer to reduce your worries and free up more time. 

#3 - Marketplace

Many Coffee Lover's are self confessed control freaks and do not want to leave their coffee experience to chance? If you have the confidence to carefully select your own brews then Perth's #1 Coffee Marketplace is your mecca.


Browse through over 75 coffee varieties from 20+ of Perth's best coffee roasters and enjoy stimulating your palette with an array of pleasant tastes and aromas.


Be sure to check in and new roasters and coffees are being added all the time.

Coffee Hack

Found your absolute favourite?

If you have found a coffee that you just have to buy regularly then Be Like Sarah and put your favourite to the test whist continuing to enjoy new flavours and coffee varieties.

Sarah uses the PCX Marketplace like a true coffee champion. When placing her regular order she chooses 2 new coffees to enjoy alongside 1kg of her #1 brew - "The Daily" by Margaret River Roasting.

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Coffee Stories

"I love the Coffee Tasting Boxes guys. So many great coffees to try I struggle to choose.

My favourite so far is Offshoot - Workhorse. Thanks for including a bag of my favourite in each box"

Katie, Scarborough

Katie is currently drinking a range of coffee with the Coffee Tasting Box.