Frequently asked questions

Can I order ground coffee?

Yes we do however we recommend you buy a grinder so that your beans stay as fresh as possible and offer you the greatest taste. Simply note down your brew method in our notes section. Please note your shipping times may increase if you request this option as we currently do not stock ground beans.

Can I choose the same coffee beans each month on my subscription?

Yes all you need to do is let us know which beans you would like delivered regularly and we will ensure you get the great tasting beans each month. You can change your preferences at any time by emailing us.

How do I change my billing details?

If your billing details change no problems for our Paypal customers just log in to your account and ammend your details. For other payments methods email us and we will send you out a form to fill out with your new details.

How do I cancel, modify or change my subscription?

Your first subscription delivery is automatically processed when you sign up and then you are free to cancel at any time after that. For our Paypal customers simply log in and cancel your subscription 10 days prior to the start of the month. If you paid via credit or debit card simply email us prior to your billing date (monthly from sign up date) or at least 10 days prior to the end of the month (which ever occurs first). We will the cancel your subscription straight away. If you cancel with-in the 10 days 1 more payment and delivery will come out before being cancelled. If you wish to change your subscripton plan or would like to modify your subscription in any way or for any other changes just email us and we will sort it out.

What are some example modifications to the subscription?

There are many great ways to experience the Perth Coffee Tour subscription! 1. Our most popular modification is choosing to have half of your subscription as your favourite roaster and the remaining bags as a new artisan roaster. 2. If you have found a roaster that you really enjoy you can stick with them each month 3. You can of course choose your selection for the month from any of the roasters on our site. Remember all modifications need to be made 10 days prior to the end of the month.

What does fresh beans mean?

We always ship our beans as fresh within the guidlines of the individual roasters. Perth Coffee Tour Subscriptions are roasted fresh for delivery. For our Reserve Now beans they are shipped freshly roasted. Perth Coffee Tour box, online coffee bean shop and gift coffee beans are on average shipped within 14 days of roasting. Specialty coffee beans are said to be best enjoyed between 7 and 42 days after roasting. During the first 7 days the beans are still settling after the roasting process. After 42 days the quality of the coffee will start to drop off. If you are drinking your coffee with milk you may start to taste the extra bitterness and drop off in flavour after 49 days. Perth Coffee Exchange has discussed each roast in detail with it's roaster's and has considered roast type and flavour profiles when determining freshness to ensure that you enjoy the best coffee everytime.

When will my beans be shipped on the Perth Coffee Tour Subscription

Shipment 1: Payments clearing in the first week of the month and between the 23th and 31st of the previous month will be shipped during the first week of the month. (ie: payment clears 23th June shipment start 1st week of July) Shipment 2: Payments clearing in the 2nd week of the month will be shipped during the 2nd week. (If your payment clears on a weekend it will be shipped on the Monday) Shipment 3: Payments clearing in the 3rd week of the month will be shipped during the 3rd week. (If your payment clears on a weekend it will be shipped on the Monday) Shipment 4: Payments made before the 23rd and clearing in the 4th week of the month will be shipped during the 4th week. (If your payment clears on a weekend it will be shipped on the Monday) Note to deliver your beans as fresh as possible in some cases your beans may take 2-3 days to ship after your payment clears.

Can I get decaf beans with my gift?

Yes you certainly can get decaf beans added into your gift. However dispatch times may be extended by 3-7days. If you require the gift before a certain time please email first to check.