Their Story

Crema Coffee Co. was established in the Perth Hills in 2002 before making themselves a new home South of the river in Canning Vale. They are proudly a WA, family owned business that lives and breathes anything to do with coffee.

Roasting daily and in small batches on Derek their custom built Diedrich CR70 roaster and on their old girl Rosie, Probat LN12. Rosie has been them us since the very beginning and she’s used for roasting smaller speciality batches, such as trialling pre-shipment samples shipped direct from origin, super special filter and pourover batches as well as select espresso roasts.

It is paramount to pursue ethically sourced, environmentally sustainable coffee.

Going to origin and investing in long-term relationships with farmers adds value and insight by providing as much traceability as possible, as well as giving Crema access to the highest quality green beans available.

Each batch of coffee roasted at Crema is performed completely hands-on. Coupled with Cropster’s Roasting Intelligence software for logging, they run only the essential temperature probes and rely on the skills and senses of their craftsmen to produce the product that Perth and beyond knows and loves.

They love sharing knowledge about the industry, laughs and producing the best possible coffee that they can.


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